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(noun) the verbal act of offering; "a generous offer of assistance"
something offered (as a proposal or bid); "noteworthy new offerings for investors included several index funds"
a usually brief attempt; "he took a crack at it"; "I gave it a whirl"
(verb) make available or accessible, provide or furnish; "The conference center offers a health spa"; "The hotel offers private meeting rooms"
present for acceptance or rejection; "She offered us all a cold drink"
agree freely; "She volunteered to drive the old lady home"; "I offered to help with the dishes but the hostess would not hear of it"
put forward for consideration; "He offered his opinion"
offer verbally; "extend my greetings"; "He offered his sympathy"
make available for sale; "The stores are offering specials on sweaters this week"
propose a payment; "The Swiss dealer offered $2 million for the painting"
produce or introduce on the stage; "The Shakespeare Company is offering `King Lear' this month"
present as an act of worship; "offer prayers to the gods"
mount or put up; "put up a good fight"; "offer resistance"
make available; provide; "extend a loan"; "The bank offers a good deal on new mortgages"
(noun) going about to look at places of interest
(verb) threaten to do something; "I offered to leave the committee if they did not accept my proposal"

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