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(adj) (superlative of `good') having the most positive qualities; "the best film of the year"; "the best solution"; "the best time for planting"; "wore his best suit"
(comparative and superlative of `well') wiser or more advantageous and hence advisable; "it would be better to speak to him"; "the White House thought it best not to respond"
(adv) in a most excellent way or manner; "he played best after a couple of martinis"
it would be sensible; "you'd best stay at home"
from a position of superiority or authority; "father knows best"; "I know better."
(noun) the supreme effort one can make; "they did their best"
the person who is most outstanding or excellent; someone who tops all others; "he could beat the best of them"
Canadian physiologist (born in the United States) who assisted F. G. Banting in research leading to the discovery of insulin (1899-1978)
(verb) get the better of; "the goal was to best the competition"

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