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1. [adj] - of good quality and condition

2. [adj] - entirely of one substance with no holes inside

3. [adj] - of definite shape and volume

4. [adj] - entirely of a single color throughout

5. [adj] - of one substance or character throughout

6. [adj] - of good substantial quality

7. [adj] - turned into or covered with thick ice

8. [adj] - acting together as a single undiversified whole

9. [adj] - having three dimensions

10. [adj] - incapable of being seen through

11. [adj] - uninterrupted in space

12. [n] - a substance that is solid at room temperature and pressure

13. [n] - the state in which a substance has no tendency to flow under moderate stress

14. [n] - a three-dimensional shape


Quotes - Example use of the word solid

1. resists forces (such as compression) that tend to deform it

2. and retains a definite size and shape

3. having no gaps or breaks

4. a solid line across the page

5. solid sheets of water

6. solid blackness

7. a solid object

8. a solid voting bloc

9. a brook frozen solid

10. solid comfort

11. a solid base hit

12. solid gold

13. a solid color

14. carved out of solid rock

15. a solid fabric

16. firm

17. neither liquid nor gaseous

18. ice is water in the solid state

19. solid silver

20. a solid block of wood

21. solidly built

22. a solid foundation

23. several substantial timber buildings

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