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1. [n] - fresh fruits and vegetable grown for the market

2. [v] - bring onto the market or release, as of an intellectual creation

3. [v] - bring out for display

4. [v] - cause to occur or exist

5. [v] - bring forth or yield

6. [v] - create or manufacture a man-made product


Quotes - Example use of the word produce

1. We produce more cars than we can sell

2. The company has been making toys for two centuries

3. The tree would not produce fruit

4. This procedure produces a curious effect

5. The new law gave rise to many complaints

6. These chemicals produce a noxious vapor

7. The proud father produced many pictures of his baby

8. The accused brought forth a letter in court that he claims exonerates him

9. produce a movie

10. bring out a book

11. produce a new play

produce Synonyms

bring out

bring on

bring forth

give rise

bring about

bring forth



garden truck

green groceries

green goods


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